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 ~ September 11, 2017 ~

Book Club Discussion – Alive in the Sunshine

Have you ever been through something intense and come out the other side feeling like a whole new person? Are you looking for new and encouraging ways to reframe a recent experience?

At this book club discussion, moderator Amelia Titus will lead a dialogue with Nancy Colasurdo, author of the memoir Alive in the Sunshine*, and community members about how human beings react in the moment and then in subsequent moments after something tragic happens. What might we be motivated to do? How do we see life differently post-tragedy? The discussion will pivot from Colasurdo’s journey triggered by the events of 9/11.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg made the point in an interview recently that we so often hear about post-traumatic stress, but don’t frequently consider post-traumatic growth. She was talking about living after the death of a spouse, but it just as easily refers to life after disasters like Hurricane Sandy and 9/11. The unthinkable has happened – now what? What do we do with it?

Join us to talk about this tender part of life, ultimately the pain and possibility that ensues.

About the moderator: Amelia “Missy” Titus inhales books in two very opposite genres: positive psychology and true crime. She has a recommendation list a mile long for both. Ask her about it!

About the author: Nancy Colasurdo is an award-winning blogger, journalist and life coach who loves to talk about ways to make life richer and more meaningful.

Details: From 7-?? p.m. at Little City Books, 100 Bloomfield St., Hoboken, N.J.

* Featured as one of 10 Summer Beach Reads from NJ Authors on & in Word on the (Washington) Street on