A Doll of an Investment – December 22, 2011 — The money to be made collecting Barbie dolls revolves around vintage dolls that are, optimally, still in the box with their accessories. “The Barbie market and values are  strong,” says one expert.

Women Take Control of Work and Life in Entrepreneurial Way – October 10, 2011 — Women are redefining success by leaving corporate America, working toward not only creating an acceptable work-life balance, but building a successful business.

How to Shop for Your Own Health Care – September 12, 2011 — A Special Report resource for freelancers and independent contractors or anyone whose health insurance has lapsed.


Ladies Home Journal Logo

Ladies Home Journal – September 2003 – So She Would Not Die in Vain — A feature on Girls Fight Back founder Erin Weed.

Ladies Home Journal – July 2003 – Brave Hearts — The story of two women who became friends through a kidney transplant.

Why I’m Leaving Catholicism — A personal essay about divorcing a childhood religion.

I Shopped For a Church and Found Spirituality Instead — A chronicle of a transformative spiritual journey.

The Times of Trenton

The Times of Trenton – September 28, 1997 – Writer Takes Yet Another Step in Continuing Literary Journey — A conversation with the acclaimed columnist Steve Lopez.

The Times of Trenton – August 18, 1996 – Making the Pieces Fit — An interview with then-President of the WNBA, Val Ackerman.

The Times of Trenton – August 20, 1995 – Rowing Through Troubled Waters — Barbara Johnson, mother of the actor Christopher Reeve, talks about Reeve’s accident for the first time and also about her own life in Princeton.

Other Publications

Hockey Stars Magazine – Nothing But Net — A feature on goalie Manon Rheaume.

High School Sports Magazine – Fall 1996 – Don’t Be a Knee Jerk — A piece about the prevalence of knee injuries in female athletes.

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