About a month ago, a friend emailed me this horoscope:

You and the stars are not quite in the same frame of mind. This is tricky, but you can pull this off. Pretend you’re surfing, and learn to ride the waves that come your way.

He knew it would particularly speak to me that day and it did. I printed it out and hung it up near my computer so I could read it regularly. It caught my eye today because I’ve been having one of those weeks where sooooo many things seem to be lining up. Me and the stars are starting to read each other very, very well.

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week trying to take my life coaching business to the next level. This involves nurturing existing relationships, rekindling old ones, getting creative in marketing and being outgoing and forthcoming about the benefits of coaching. There has been a palpable shift in the energy around my practice and it is resulting in more appointments in my daily planner, more referrals coming my way and a lot of fun synchronicity around innovative marketing ideas.

Simultaneously, I am more immersed in my writing than I’ve been in a long time. There’s the blogging. There’s a freelance essay I’ve begun. There’s a short story I’ve recently submitted to a literary contest. There are two ideas I’ve been pitching to magazines. And that doesn’t even include my daily (well, almost) written meditation ritual. As a former journalist who reveled in writing daily, all of this feels almost like coming home. The last five years I had been spending so much time editing, producing, managing and teaching — all productive, rewarding endeavors — that my true craft had nearly fallen by the wayside.

How is it that we sometimes deviate from that right path? I believe it’s to ultimately give us the larger lesson, but that doesn’t explain why we stray in the first place. Could it be to simply give us perspective? Or even to allow us time to experience other things that will fill the creative well? It feels that way this week.

And, frankly, I’m thanking my lucky stars.