There once existed with a close friend of mine such a point of contention that I could almost feel my blood pressure elevate every time the topic came up. It caused me such strife, and the more I tried to analyze why, the more frustrated I became. What did this represent? Why did I have such a strong reaction to this? It was meaningless and absurd in the big picture.

So I finally decided it was time to get rid of all angst around the subject. It took a concentrated effort, but I managed to talk myself into a very restful place with it. And then the realization hit me. Sometimes the only true way to know you’ve released and let go of something is to be put to the test.

Tonight I was put to the test. The topic came up in full force. There was no stopping it. It was time to find out if I was just giving it lip service or if I was embodying the “release and let go” mantra. I’m proud to say I passed the test. Some minor annoyance seeped in, but no boiling blood, no gritted teeth, no real emotion.

Point of contention, be gone.