I had a burst of energy this afternoon and decided to do some cleaning and clearing of space in my home. As I’m prone to do, I turned up the volume on some classic rock and went about my business of dusting and cleaning closets. A short time into it, I felt like I wanted to change the vibe, so I switched off the radio and put in an inspirational tape. It was the voice of a woman who has the power to make me think so deeply and so clearly that I’m still in awe every time I hear her.

So I’m doing my thing — ah, the glamour of scrubbing the bathroom — and she’s talking about how we don’t hesitate to take a plant and put it in a bigger pot when it needs it. Yet we have trouble doing that for ourselves, enlarging our own “pot” so we can grow without being “contained.” And it hits me.

A friend gave me a loving gift over a week ago. It sits in water and expands and the way it grows and changes reveals things about the energy around it. One night I put it in one of my favorite bowls and by the time I woke up in the morning it was beginning to cascade over the side. My friend saw it 24 hours later and marveled at its rich color. The following night he remarked on its growth.

“If it was in a bigger bowl, it would really grow,” he said casually. I heard him, but knew it was in the biggest bowl I had.

Now fast forward to the woman on the tape talking about enlarging the pot. I just knew I had to find a bigger vessel for my gift. I looked around my kitchen and my eyes came to a large decorative bowl on the table. It’s square and ceramic and painted turquoise with splashes of purple and blue daisies all around. Fabulous and perfect!

I made the switch. It can now grow beyond its wildest dreams. There is nothing to stop it.

And I am grateful I have surrounded myself with wise people.