Back in grade school, science was the one subject that often challenged my honor roll status. In high school, once I realized I had all the credits in place to get into my college of choice, I dropped chemistry pronto. I suffered through the science requirements in college. The common theme in all of this was simple: What relevance does this have for me in my life? The way I saw it, the answer was “none.”

Lately, though, science has been making its way into my consciousness. Today it came at me in the form of a movie called What The Bleep Do We Know!? You know it’s time to see a movie when people from three different areas of your life recommend it. So I heeded the call and was glad I did. What The Bleep is part documentary, part story and part visual effects and animation, all overlapping and interwoven in an engaging and entertaining way.

The film spoke to me as a life coach, as a person on a spiritual quest, and as an artist. I am aligned with the idea of personal responsibility, of asking deep and probing questions of oneself, and of challenging societal norms around religion. There are 14 scientists and mystics interviewed in the film and together they espouse a powerful message — the interconnectedness of all things. It was a lot to wrap my head around — what with all the quantum physics, neurology and molecular biology — but it pushed me to think about my beliefs and my mettle, especially when it posed this question: How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Far. Very far. To be honest, I’m not one to do something halfway once I’ve ventured in. And rest assured, I have ventured in. All doors are open, all channels are free, the whole wide world says “yes” to me.

All this from cells? Maybe science is relevant after all.