Tonight I went to Manhattan to see an art exhibit and film trailer with the title “burnt.” A Hoboken artist, Doug Auld, is working on a series of paintings of burn victims with the cooperation of St. Barnabas Hospital and three of his works were on display.

One young woman in the film was particularly striking because she spoke of feeling fortunate to have had the experience and to have gained the understanding that at some point we’ll all return to dust. It was poignant and really gave me pause.

I was also excited to see the exhibit because back in December of 2002 I had had a coaching consultation with Doug. One of the goals we set together was to begin working on his idea for a burn series. I love seeing goals come to fruition and get particularly jazzed when those are in the creative category.

Books, screenplays, photo exhibits, concerts — these are the goals that light people up and make them respond passionately to coaching. It’s such a rush to be a part of that with them.