I had a life coaching session yesterday with a smart, vibrant woman who has great things inside of her trying their darnedest to break through. She wants to do healing work. She wants to write a book based on a wonderful story premise she’s been carrying around in her head for years. She wants to tackle body, mind and spirit issues in a different way than she has been. I knew when I left her that she alone had the potential to make all this happen, but I felt strongly that I had helped her open a can of worms, so to speak.

And boy was I right. I already received an email from her thanking me for a “helpful and inspiring” session. She has shaken the dust off a book on her shelf that will give her some guidance about writing fiction. She has committed to an important step that will reinvigorate her passion for healing work. And she has expressed interest in getting more information about an inspirational speaker I told her she might enjoy.

This is how change begins. I know I say it ad nauseum, but a fact is a fact. One step at a time. Then it becomes contagious and you want to do more. There are worse things than getting caught up in your goals to the point of distraction. That’s how they become reality.

Much to my delight, I think the smart, vibrant woman has gotten the message.