OK, let’s talk about the computer, or lack thereof, and what has come of not having the Internet at my disposal 24 hours a day for nearly a week. In an earlier entry I mentioned that my computer crashed. As we speak, the experts are “rescuing” data.

Which brings me to what I’ve learned or had reinforced or makes me feel particularly grateful or all of the above. My brother. Let’s start with him. His unwavering support makes so many of my life challenges easier to bear. His computer knowledge and near constant accessibility are a godsend.

This also reminds me in a profound way of my overall support system. So many people have stepped up, whether it’s paving the way with the computer service center, lending me an interim computer or offering financial assistance. I am truly lucky to know good people.

In the meantime, I’ve had this amazing epiphany in the form of a book idea. Again, conversations with the key people in my life helped bring this to life. I have spent much of the time this week that I would have normally been on the Internet or on IM instead writing an introduction to my book. I can’t begin to express how excited and engaged I am in this project. (This should explain earlier entries like the feather and The New School advertisement — I’m over the top!)

Overall, it is eye-opening to see what can be accomplished when we cut just one thing out of our lives for a week — computer, television, cell phone. Ha Ha. I hear you all gasping. Honestly, you can do it. It’s worth it.

As for me, I can’t say I won’t be right back on the computer once I’m set up in my home again. But I can assure you I won’t be obsessing over the Internet nearly as often as I used to. I do have a book to write, after all.