I have a cold. The watery eyes, the stuffy nose, the dull headache, the sore throat. It’s annoying. No matter how much I try not to let it take me out of my game, it inevitably slows me down.

And therein lies the problem when you’re a control freak. I believe we manifest things in our lives. I believe a clogged head means a clogged head. Yuck. But the good news is, when the fog lifts, there’s clarity all the way around.

So today I reflected on some insightful things a friend had to say last night with regard to moving my career forward. I also had a wonderfully stimulating conversation with a like-minded woman who is living a creative life and weathering its challenges. And my client sessions today were so satisfying because they were with people who I inherently understand and believe in.

Certainly the fog is moving upward. So I’ll keep popping the echinacea and vitamin C.

Confident that clarity is just around the corner.