I don’t know how I got on a mailing list for a Paradise Pen catalog, but I received one in my mailbox today. It’s actually called a “giving manual” and it has these sweet little writing stories woven through the pages of merchandise. And the pens! One for every personality, it seems. “Pens can inspire grace,” one page touts.

This is a writer thing with me, just like feathers and journals and stationery. I find it synchronous that this lovely tribute to writing tools came to me now, another sign from the universe saying, “Yes, keep writing!” Just like the feather in my path a few weeks ago. Funny how the universe conspires to help us when we make our intentions known.

On top of the two-page spread for the Cartier Trinity Black Fountain Pen is this heading: “Writing is the mirror of the soul.” Yes. Writing virtually strips you naked. That’s the challenge, at least if it’s going to be good.

Go figure. I suddenly have a hankering for my favorite sleek racy red pen …