Do you ever think about what you deserve in life? Or that the concept of deserving could be a help or hindrance in your quest to achieve or have what you want?

I’ve been mulling this today because for the second time in two weeks when I lamented that a goal has been eluding me, someone wise suggested I look within and ask myself if I think I deserve it. It gave me such pause. “Is that really a possibility?” I wondered aloud to a friend. It’s a disturbing thought. My friend was kind enough to help me brainstorm and dig a bit and I concluded I need to go a little deeper with it.

If this was happening to a life coaching client, I’d suggest she start by making a list of all the positive things she feels she deserves. Then I’d have her list all of the positive things from her past that she thought she deserved and made happen; from there I’d have her outline the blueprint and subsequent action steps of how she got them. Certainly there is something to the idea of tapping into past successes to remind ourselves how the right mindset and/or level of emotional maturity brought us to a place of achievement and satisfaction.

So it seems I have a plan. To practice what I preach. To go within and figure out what lies at the heart of this issue. To be relentless in my pursuit of an answer. To understand and acknowledge it as the first step towards change. To embody that change.

I deserve it.