I just found this in my wallet and I’m tickled by its timing since it’s been in there over a year:

You are here. Where John imagined. Here where Ruth built his house and Rand her fountainhead. Where ‘Trane unleashed his Tenor, Pollock his paint. Here, in New York City. The very wellspring of creative and intellectual discovery. Ready to claim your seat at the table of giants and be greeted by a collective “Boo-ya!” It’s why you are here. It’s why we are here, too.

— The New School

Choose your course.

I loved that enough to copy it down while I was riding on the subway. What a compelling advertising campaign. It’s scrawled in blue ink on a tattered piece of memo paper, but it seems it should be emblazoned over the Manhattan skyline to me right now. I’m feeling it soooooooo much.

Hmmmmm. Does that sound grandiose?

I can only hope so.