You are the ornaments on your Christmas tree. Below are the ones you can find on mine. So what do they say about me?

A sparkly pink fish with big lips

A sparkly red octopus with big lips

A Waterford crystal champagne flute

A Madonna-like red and black bustier on a dress form

The Eiffel Tower

Betty Boop on a Harley

A starfish

A cup and saucer that says “Nancy’s Cappuccino”

A pink phone

A typewriter

A bottle of nail polish

A disco ball

A Barbie wardrobe case

A woman in a bubble bath with a book

A pink cocktail with an umbrella

A compact with a lip imprint on the mirror

An argyle vest

A piece of candy

A leopard dress form

A red ball with pink hearts

A red metallic heart

A gold and cream heart

A daisy

A chandelier

A funky chair with pink legs

A zebra-patterned ornament shaped like a top

A platform shoe

Several Christmas trees

Several Santas

Several vintage striped balls and bells from my childhood tree

Topped with a mermaid decked in silver that I made in Taos, New Mexico in 2001

I love it!!!!!