When is the last time you reinvented yourself? Have you ever? Or
maybe it’s been a while?

I have made reinventing myself into an art form and have much to
share. (See
I want you to seize upon 2005 as your chance to make yourself over
from the inside out. Let me assist you. Together we will set goals
that will connect you to exactly what you want from your life right
now. Do you need more incentive than that? Keep reading.

I’m extending a special December offer. If you sign up for a
coaching series before 2005, you will get a $50 discount from your
total fee. If you pay in full before 2005, you will get an additional
$100 discount.

Think about how wonderful it would feel to have your life goals
articulated and ready to tackle as you toast in the New Year. Let’s get to work.