I’ve been doing some work in a local used bookstore. Part of my job is to assess the value of the books donated by the community. I was happy to find a copy of SARK’s Eat Mangoes Naked today while going through a crate of contributions. Especially happy because it was in mint condition, but was an uncorrected proof so it had no value to the store. I brought it home.

Here are a few lines from the book that immediately struck me:

We so often try to present our ideal or best selves to the world. Let me invite you into the pleasures of sharing your fragile, wrinkled, dented, tiniest self! I assure you, it’s what people find most endearing about you.

I hope she’s right. I’ve been trying to do that more and more in this blog. I seem to naturally find zen in the ordinary a lot of the time, but wouldn’t you just puke if it was all of the time? Sure you would. So, as I sit here in my way-too-precious PJ’s with the coffee cups all over them (hey, it’s below zero here with the wind chill), let’s see what I can tell you that’s not part of my “best” self.

Lately I’ve been wanting to delve deeper into my spirituality from an intellectual perspective, basically become more well-read on it. However, last night I realized that I really don’t want to do any heavy lifting; I want to be spoon-fed. I shared this with a friend who patiently explained that getting into the material is a big part of the learning. Sad, right? He was polite, but barely disguised his incredulity. I think he’s getting used to my dance, though. Resistance is almost always followed by due diligence and taking a real bite out of something.

I also work hard to have patience, but don’t always succeed. But let’s save that for another day, shall we? No need to ‘fess up to all my endearing qualities at once.