So lately in my meditation I’ve been exploring the idea of entitlement and my apparently large dose of it that needs to be tempered. Methinks since I put myself through school oh so many years ago and because I’ve had a successful career in journalism that I should be able to do whatever I set my mind to. It’s what I’ve always done with rewarding results, right?

So I should be able to make my coaching business fly in the blink of an eye. So I should be steadily steeped in freelance assignments. So I should be able to supplement my income with some part-time holiday work. How hard could that be, I thought? I temped for tuition, worked as a cashier, receptionist, clerk. Who wouldn’t want to hire my fine self?

Well, wake up, sister. It’s a whole new world. You are over-qualified and not particularly appealing as an employee to the retail folk. There are lots of qualified, smart, resourceful people with years of retail experience who can step in and get the job done. The Red Sea ain’t parting for you any time soon. Get over it.

Here’s my message from the universe: You will continue to be successful but it’s going to take a heaping portion of persistence and an extra big dose of humility. This is your journey. Stay the course. The alternative isn’t pretty. The reward is priceless.

Plus, you’ll need something to talk about on your book tour.