I went to see a screening of The Aviator today. One of the perks of self-employment and living so close to Manhattan is that I can attend a preview at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. My friend and I walked into the Broadway Screening Room in daylight and walked out to find the nighttime version of Times Square in all its neon glory.

So I learned a lot about the life of Howard Hughes. I was inspired by his fierce determination and will to get something done no matter the cost, the man hours, the often enormous risk to his fortune and reputation. His faith in his ideas was so strong and his OCD was such a vital part of the picture. I enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio in the role and found some of the flying scenes astounding. And, of course, any chance to see a piece of Kathryn Hepburn’s life is a bonus. Hats off to Mr. Scorcese.

This was the kind of day where I realize how much I love my life. I was productive in the morning and that gave way to a good flick, good company, good dinner. Now here I sit being productive again.