Here I sit once again in Leisure Village. Today was the annual cookie-baking day for me, Mom and Sis. Actually, Sis does very little but read a magazine and chat while Mom and I do all the work. Then she wants to know why she can’t eat half the batch that we just labored over. But this is all part of the tradition and we find comfort in it and we have a load of fun, too. We can’t wait to see where niece Gina fits into the scenario. Being just 16 months old, she slept through most of the festivities today.

So now we have Michigan rocks (dates and walnuts), chocolate chip, walnut balls, Secret Kiss cookies, thummies (shortbread w/preserves), and macadamia nut. I love this. I’m not all that domestic, but this tradition really connects me to my creativity and to my mother. We even have the annual argument over whose cookies are too big or too small or uneven or whatever, but it all comes out in the wash, so to speak.

Hmmmmmm … those Michigan rocks are calling me.