Manhattan was a madhouse today. Some friends and I left church, started walking, and found ourselves smack in the middle of Rockefeller Center. The Christmas tree was big and impressive. The Au Bon Pain we were heading for was packed.

So we walked some more, looking for a nice coffee spot that wasn’t standing room only. Not thinking, we gravitated towards Times Square. Duh. Not exactly the place to go to get away from the bustle.

And yet we did. In a Starbucks, no less. It was crowded, but we landed a good table and created our own space. I treasure these times. We touched on today’s church sermon about tapping into our greatness, Eleanor Roosevelt, and saying yes to life no matter who’s knocking at the door. The guy at the next table was reading Women As Lovers and we wondered if it was a pickup ploy. We talked about our art, our work, our goals.

I guess you could say we were in the moment, in the mayhem.