There was a lot to take in at church today and I think I succeeded in letting it seep slowly from my head to my heart. What I love about New Thought is that it requires personal responsibility. That can be very disconcerting when things aren’t going well, but it’s also empowering when you’re ready to turn things around. Because only YOU can.

Every week without exception the service inspires me and serves as a point of reference for my whole week. It refreshes my spirit and heightens my awareness of things like destiny and manifestation and abundance. Not the material concept of abundance I once had, but the kind that overwhelms me when I stop long enough to let it wash over me.

Today there was a lesson in listening, really letting life breathe and flow organically. It makes for markedly different results than the alternative. There’s so much sense and simple wisdom in that. There were quotes from Jesus, Ralph Waldo Emerson and a poet whose name escapes me at the moment. That’s another thing I love. On any given Sunday, I can hear a tale from the Brothers Grimm, wisdom from Plato or Lao-Tzu or Ernest Holmes.

I continue to work on not just processing what I hear on Sundays but embodying it. I am ever-present, ever-evolving. Head to heart. Dare I say, soul?