I had to make a presentation this morning at my networking group meeting. We meet every Tuesday at 7 a.m. at a diner. Mornings aren’t my best time of day to say the least and it was roughly 25 degrees this morning, so I found this particularly challenging. However, I took the 12-block walk to the diner and it really invigorated me. The presentation was a breeze!

There’s something about public speaking lately that really jazzes me. At times I still get the shake in my voice but I usually work through it very early into the speech. The last few times I’ve prepared to speak I’ve analyzed those who I find effective, people who can really work a room, and listed what I think makes them so compelling. These are the three big keys for me: 1. Passion for the topic, 2. Knowledge of the topic, and 3. Little, if any, reference to notes.

I applied all three of those things today. I began by asking everyone to list three things they want to do before they die. Then I challenged them to create an action plan to make those things happen. What is the five-year plan? Three-year? One-year? What can you do this month to further the goals? This week? This day? This hour?

Then I listed the diverse goals I’ve helped my clients achieve. Then I read a testimonial from a client who got a book and film deal shortly after meeting with me. It was a fun presentation. I felt great. I fielded some good questions. I received positive feedback.

Hopefully those referrals will start rolling in.