This morning, on my way back from an appointment, I decided I needed the day to be cleared for “me” time. I wanted to nest, get some work done on my computer, digest some emotional and spiritual insights I’ve had the last few days, and nurture my weary body. There were two obstacles to this happening — I had a 4 p.m. meeting with a potential client and the writing class I teach in the adult education program was set to begin tonight.

I figured I could easily move the meeting, but the class was a sure obligation. But by the time I got home the universe had taken care of both. There was a message that the class was cancelled due to the weather and I had an email asking for a postponement of the meeting. Fabulous! Every ounce of me felt joy and relief that I could concentrate on my “stuff.”

So it has been a relaxing and productive day. I have also done some inner work and identified a lingering resentment that I’m now working through to some kind of peaceful resolution. And on top of it all, I have had a profound personal insight around love that will change my life.

A perfect day, courtesy of the universe.