Purge and renew. That is today’s startling credo.

Sometimes I talk about manifesting and channeling and feeling my own power and I wonder deep down inside if it’s not just a little bit nutty. You know, airy fairy mumbo jumbo la-la land thinking.

And then I have a day like today, a day where I haven’t left my neighborhood, put on makeup or even made an effort beyond sweatpants and yet, magic. Answers coming at me in a flurry. Insights flashing like neon signs. Lightbulb moments of pristine clarity.

In its wake is a surefootedness in my actions like I haven’t experienced in a while. Suddenly the physical, emotional and spiritual issues I’ve been having this last month all make sense and I feel propelled forward, buoyed by my own energy. So many people — some knowingly, some unwittingly — have had a hand in holding up a mirror to my face on this.

I’ve been wrestling with my God concept, my career path, my ability to love unabashedly, my attitude about money, my faith in self, my bodily functions. Yet it barely occurred to me, a life coach so good at honing in on this stuff in others, that these things could all be tightly enmeshed. That is what I saw in my morning pages today. How I am being tested, loved, taught, challenged in a myriad of ways. The answers were right there all the time.

Welcome to La-La Land.