Let’s talk about the addictive quality of Law and Order, Special Victims Unit. Because, honestly, I could loop it for hours and not get bored and I’m fascinated by that.

There’s definitely that aspect only television offers — the presentation of a problem that gets resolved in an hour. There’s something very appealing about that, probably because life’s issues are typically ongoing and must be dealt with thoroughly and continuously.

Also, I can’t discount the fact that the crimes presented on the show are particularly sexual and/or heinous. Why am I drawn to that? I may be at a point in life where I can deal with life’s harshness. I used to prefer a bit of a Pollyanna existence, steer clear of the grit. But now I’m choosing it as part of my entertainment? Hmmmmmm.

Since this is a recent “addiction” for me, I think I can also attribute it to my current life transition. So much is shifting beneath my feet. It’s one of those disconcerting, yet ultimately exhilarating times that life dishes up once in a while. Sweeping change. Insidious change. All kinds of change.

So why not spend a neat hour watching some detectives solve crimes to escape for a while? I refuse to be a TV apologist. Sometimes it just feels good.