I skipped church today and it felt so darned good. Not because I was skipping church per se, but because last night I indulged in champagne and wine and a really good dinner and I continued the treat to myself by sleeping in this morning.

I left the house only to write my morning pages in my favorite coffee spot and to stock up on some groceries so I could nest in and write today. And write on this rainy day I did! I created an outline of my story arc, made an exhaustive list of the “clients” my main character might encounter and then started back into the actual writing of my book. If I were to use a puzzle as metaphor, I would say the outer edges are in place and I’m in the process of filling in the middle pieces. It feels very good indeed, very spiritual, since the words and ideas seem to be channeling through me.

It’s a different kind of spiritual lift than I get from church, one that makes me feel I’m connected to my reason for being here. Make no mistake, I look forward to returning to church and picking up right where I left off there — setting a positive, illuminating tone for my week.

Still, the break was nice.