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I’m so excited about branching out into group coaching! I’m now
offering the opportunity for people to enroll with me as part of a
group for regular life coaching sessions. Not only does it defray the
cost while providing much-needed accountability, it allows you to
share your progress with like-minded others. Contact me for
information about the possibilities for you and your friends — I’ll
be happy to give a group consultation and we’ll take it from

Inspiring Women

March is Women’s History Month and as such, I’d like to dedicate my
message to women who have inspired me lately.

Gabriela is a member of the senior center where I’ve been working the
last five weeks. She may be frail-looking as she leans on her walker
to get around, but her mind is beyond sharp; she teaches opera
(formerly at Juilliard), has a weekly discussion group on Dante’s
Divine Comedy in her home and was a Guggenheim Fellow (yes, I Google-d
her). And truly I am only scratching the surface. Gabriela makes me
see the infinite possibilities ahead.

Erin Weed has been in my life for nearly three years and I continue to
marvel at how motivated and ambitious she is. And it’s contagious! She
formed a company called Girls Fight Back after her friend was murdered
by an intruder and now takes her positive safety message to college
campuses around the country. She’s currently working on a book, too.
Click here for info on her March 26 self-defense seminar —

Even though I haven’t met Hilary Swank — unless you count the time
last summer a friend and I saw her at Taylor’s in the West Village —
I have to include her here. From a trailer park to two Oscars and a
backless dress. ‘Nuff said.

After joining a networking group last year, I find myself particularly
inspired by female entrepreneurs. Mary Carlomagno ditched the
publishing biz and started an organizing company called Order — a
perfect fit for a woman who melted at the sight of her first Trapper
Keeper. You can’t begin to imagine how she can organize your life.
Check her out at

I’m also fascinated by Gina Dobson’s business called Itineready. She
left a non-profit behind and started doing something she loves —
planning trips for people visiting New York. These are custom-made
plans tailored to an individual’s desires, be it for quirky art,
French food or upscale places to have a cocktail. She’s just a click
away at

Now think of who inspires you and take the time to tell them. Or, if
you haven’t already, challenge yourself to be a person who inspires

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and for the unveiling of my brand
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and (occasional) wisdom, check
out my blog called Write Thinking —