Someone I used to work for died this weekend. He was the CEO of a non-profit I worked for in my 20s. I find I’m very sad, not just for him and his family but also because I realized his passing brought up memories of unresolved relationships.

Back then, I was what I guess you could call a serial friend. I didn’t sustain friendships or relationships. Preferred, in fact, to cut and run when things got uncomfortable. That makes me cringe now. I guess that’s good on some level. I don’t do that anymore. But how much hurting on both sides happened along the way?

It is particularly poignant to think about this today. I expressed just this week to a friend that I need to expand my friendships, to experience the give-and-get with more people who say yes to life and understand how precious time is. And I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that I saw Million Dollar Baby this afternoon, as it drove home that very point in a powerful way.

I feel very emotional this evening. A good kind of emotional. An in-touch kind of emotional. You know?

Rest in peace, Ron.