Greetings All –

Spring has arrived and what a great backdrop it is for bringing some fresh perspective to your life. Take aimless walks. Go on meditative runs. Enjoy your kids with lolling time in the park. Roll down the windows of the car and crank up some soothing or rocking tunes. Marvel at the colors, play with the dog in the grass, explore a new neighborhood. Those sidewalk cafes – a personal favorite – will be beckoning you and your book for a quiet respite any day now.

Use the time to clear your mind and consider setting new, imaginative goals. I can help with that. Scroll down for this month’s message and take a look at how we might partner in a coaching relationship.

Waving The White Flag

Look up the word “surrender” in the dictionary and it’s no wonder no one wants to actually do it. A handful of definitions and not one with a positive connotation. Isn’t “giving up” one of the most frowned-upon sins in our society? Isn’t it really associated with losing?

Well, I’m here to say that surrendering is very often the action of winners and that we should consider doing it much more often. In fact, if we’re doing it correctly, it should be a way of life and it should be empowering.

Take the case of Jennifer. A few weeks ago she was at a meeting of a writers’ group that she occasionally attends and someone challenged the members, on the spot, to write “nonsense.” Now Jennifer has been doing some writing the last year or so, but she hadn’t really been flexing the “nonsense” muscle. Being a trooper, she put pen to paper and, much to her surprise, what came out was a lovely, whimsical rhyming verse that told a little story. Since then, she has spent two Saturdays indulging this aspect of her creativity and she delights in the fact that each time the hours just flew by.

Ahhhhhhhh. This is surrender in its purest form. Surrender to your art. Surrender to what feels organic. Surrender to love. Surrender to what’s supposed to happen as opposed to trying to force things. Surrender to what you’re supposed to be doing with your day or your year or your life. Jennifer could have spent her Saturday dusting or going to the dry cleaner or watching The Food Network. Instead, she surrendered to her creative impulse. She could have penciled in a day a week from Thursday to indulge her poetic urge. Instead she made the time, she produced good work, and she enjoyed it immensely. Fabulous.

Ask yourself, to what could I be surrendering that would make my life easier or more meaningful or productive? Is it a creative thing? A professional one? A relationship issue? A matter of spirit? Of course, there is another alternative: continuing to resist, overthink, control, stop the natural flow. Instead, choose to experience the incomparable freedom of surrender. It is not weak. On the contrary, it is oh so strong.

I’m in the process of putting together life coaching groups in Manhattan and Hoboken. This is a creative, cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching. Contact me via phone or email and let’s talk about partnering to change your life, one goal at a time.

Also, I’ll be unveiling my new website any day now! I can’t wait to share it. Stay tuned …