I went to volunteer some time at the senior center today. My intent was to help write or edit or do something else administrative. But when I arrived I realized the people who could assign me something to do were in a long meeting.

So I wound up in the cafe interacting with some of the members of the center with whom I had developed relationships when I worked there. I talked with Bertha over tea and realized this was why I was there today. To dispense some wisdom, to listen, to share. I had a few laughs with Pamela and told her about a moment she and I had a few weeks ago that I included as an anecdote in my book. It was simply wonderful.

When the meeting of the staff finally dispersed, I was already on my way out the door heading to an appointment. The executive director caught me and apologized for not using my time better.

Truth be told, I liked it just fine the way it was.