I love a day that tidily and enjoyably includes writing significant chunks of my book and also spending time with family for my father’s birthday. Fun and productive. What a combo.

I left early this morning, stopping first in a cafe to write my morning pages. Then it was off to the train station. I brought the laptop and worked on the way, first organizing my story arc/outline sheet and then working on the manuscript.

Upon arrival at my parents’ house, my sister and I took Dad out to lunch, always an interesting gabfest. I appreciated it all the more because a fair number of people close to me have lost their fathers in the last year. Then later things livened up when my niece (20 months) and nephew (3) were in the house. Mom, much to her delight, fed me, siblings and spouses dinner and then served up a kick-butt birthday cake with cream cheese icing. (Yes, it’s all about the food — we’re Italian!)

On the train ride home, I worked another hour and a half on the book. It felt great. The ideas are just pouring out, coming through me just the way the best creativity does. It’s heady.

A perfect balancing act of a day.