Some things I find interesting:

— The amount of conversations I’ve had with people who see me reading Life of Pi. Everyone that approaches me has either read it or is poised to read it and there seems to be an insatiable curiosity from all of them about what “others” think.

— That I’m taking a prosperity class where the affirmation I set in January is actually happening. It goes like this: I will bring my wisdom and writing to the masses. And so I am.

— That a client I met with today called coaching “magical” because of all the things she is accomplishing. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

— The ad slogan on the postcard I received in the mail from The New School: “Can your ‘next life’ begin during this one?” How fabulous is that? So fabulous I wish I had thought of it first because it’s perfect as a life coaching slogan.

That’s all.