Some weeks ago I began reading A Return To Love. Suddenly I decided to put it down and pick up The Celestine Prophecy. I can’t really explain why. It just felt like a directive, perhaps related to learning more about the kind of book I’m writing or maybe a need to ingest the Marianne Williamson book in small doses.

Anyway, I’ve now put down The Celestine Prophecy and come back to A Return To Love. This is so unlike me. I’m typically very ordered in my reading. Again, it’s hard to explain why, beyond a strong vibe to be reading Williamson again combined with the fact that James Redfield’s book is not really holding my interest.

In between, I read a short story given to me by Pamela at the senior center. It’s called The Walk and it’s by Jose Donoso. What an intriguing, disturbing little story that is. I wish I had been in the discussion group for that one. From what Pamela tells me, Gabriela, a playwright and opera teacher who is also a member of the center, knew the author in younger days and told some wonderful stories.

Who knows what’s in store this week on the book front. I’ll keep reading Williamson and stay open to other things. And see where it takes me.