Often I have a hard time with change. Today the Sacred Center for Spiritual Living had its Sunday service in a new location. It was tough for me to say good-bye to the old place last week, as I have undergone much spiritual growth while attending church there the past year-plus.

Perhaps that’s why it was so validating for me to hear the minister say just that in her sermon today. She was nervous while putting on her makeup this morning just thinking about being in a new place and she chided herself for it. Wonderful stuff. Human stuff.

So the new place is grand. Until our new home is ready in September, we’ll have the pleasure of being at the Pratt Mansions on Fifth Ave. across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a beautiful part of the city to stroll. The mansion itself has winding staircases and old character.

Seems like a fabulous setting in which to celebrate and grow.