I’m working in a place that sublets apartments in New York, Paris, London and the South of France. A huge poster of the latter — specifically, a gorgeous mountain surrounded by a field of flowers — stares at me as I sit at my desk. I am constantly amidst French speaking people there.

On Sunday I was watching a Baby Einstein DVD with my nephew and the next thing I knew they were reciting the alphabet in French.

Yesterday I was walking back from the grocery store and two men were walking and talking next to me. As they passed, one said to the other, “So why don’t you just learn French?”

Tonight I return from dinner with a friend, turn on the TV, and flip to Sex and the City. I’m just in time to see Carrie jumping for joy at the sight of the Eiffel Tower from her hotel room balcony.

Now what do you suppose the Universe is trying to tell me?