My feet can attest right now that it has been a full Sunday.

It started with church and a wonderful sermon about decisions we make on the spot. How does the past affect the present in that regard? Hmmmm. Very thought-provoking.

Then came a meeting after church, one where we brainstormed our mission statement. Very exciting to assess and project and define our very special New Thought community.

Then a quick lunch with friends. A slammin’ hamburger.

Time for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Chanel exhibit with a friend. Kind of cool to see some of the Coco and Lagerfeld “standards” but overall not particularly compelling or exceptional. Managed to squeeze in a quick viewing of my favorite Monets and Renoirs on the second floor before making the 50-block trek to the PATH train.

Got home and my feet cried with joy when I changed from sandals to sneakers. Hit the grocery store and had a few neat conversations in the aisles. Made some dinner. Watched Angelina Jolie on The Actor’s Studio and marveled at her beauty. Checking out the Tony Awards as we speak.

Did I pack it in today or what?