There was a time when I didn’t miss a single Sunday of reading The New York Times with a big cup of coffee. Then a while back when I was trimming expenses I cut out the newspaper subscription, plus I started a spiritual Sunday routine of church and time with friends afterward.

Today after church I took a long walk (over 50 blocks!), hopped on the PATH back to Hoboken and bought a copy of The Times. Then I sat in a really cool air-conditioned place near my home and drank endless glasses of iced tea. Section by section, I devoured the paper.

It seems like a small thing, but honestly it was like I recaptured a piece of my old self. I’ve been so excited by all the physical, emotional and spiritual changes I’ve undergone in the past year and rightly so. But there are things from my “former” life that are ready to resurface. And to that I say, “Welcome Back!”