People often think I’ve lost my marbles when I say I listen to Howard Stern. After all, I’m a 43-year-old intelligent woman, not a frat boy. I don’t mention it often, but when I do it’s usually met with incredulity or silence.

This morning was a clear example of why I tune in. He interviewed Paul Anka and what a phenomenal piece of interviewing it was. As one who grew up with a lot of music in the house, including plenty of Sinatra, I am quite familiar with Anka’s work. What I didn’t know about was the extent to which he hung out with the Rat Pack or what great stories he has to tell. Stern drew him out on so much good stuff. Before long, the phone calls started pouring in, one compliment after another on the interview.

It was right up there with one of my favorite Stern interviews — Darrell Hammond. As a former daily journalist and current freelancer, I have immense respect for someone who can draw people out in a conversational way. Stern is the master.

Not so shocking to me.