I was explaining life coaching to someone today. He was intrigued, had never heard of it before. Was trying to grasp the value I give to my clients. His eyes widened at the fees I earn.

“What if they don’t achieve the goals they set?” he asked.

“It’s completely up to them,” I said.

“You have no responsibility?” he replied with a laugh.

“Well, most people know what they have to do to achieve their goals. They hire me because they want to be accountable to someone,” I explained.

He was amused, maybe skeptical. I should have likened it to a personal trainer. That’s a more common profession, so people grasp the concept better. Most people know what they need to do to be healthy and fit. They hire a trainer to keep them honest.

I love that about coaching. It allows me to see accomplishments, shifts, insights in my clients. They often form better habits, learn the value of baby steps. I saw two former clients last weekend and both talked of where the coaching process has put them in terms of their everyday lives and longterm goals.

Ahhhhh …