Greetings All –

We’re into the thick of summer and, if you’re really smart, you’ve built in some time to frolic. I have had life coaching clients who actually set that as a goal, so packed is their daily agenda with obligations and minutiae. I recently spent hours with a friend walking in Manhattan from Chelsea to Tribeca to Chinatown to the East Village; we made a stop at Starbucks to do some writing and reading and it culminated with meeting other friends for dinner and delightful conversation. Now that’s what I call serious frolicking. What does your version look like?

(Not) A Dream Deferred

There is this dream you have. It’s very much within reach. All it requires is creative flow and the discipline to let the creative flow happen on a regular basis. Conjure it up. Give it an outlet. That’s all.

So you know you have the creativity part covered. You’re a tried and true professional or artist or visionary or simply an ambitious soul. Your ideas are as good or better than anything you’ve seen or heard. You’re that confident. Or close to it.

That leaves the discipline part. It’s not rocket science. Every day, every single day, you must take an action around this dream. One hour, perhaps. Pick a time of day. Make it yours. Not the kids’ time. Not the friends’ time. Not the TV’s time. Your dream’s time.

Build in a reward system if you must: If I do this for my dream, then I can do this other frivolous thing. Go for a drink, have coffee with a friend, watch reruns on TV, talk on the phone. Then and only then.

Don’t make it a dream deferred. Be attentive to it. Give it as much of yourself as you would give an HBO series or whatever your particular TV addiction is. If you can watch someone else’s creation, something they’ve shown discipline around, something they’ve seen to fruition, then you’ve got the time to give your own. Allot that time! Consistently!

Before you know it you’ll have to find a new dream because this one will have become a reality. And then you’ll start all over again …