Lessons from the mouse:

— empowerment
— take back your time
— stop letting fear get in the way of things you want to do
— appreciate with all your heart random acts of kindness
— practice with all your heart random acts of kindness
— take help from others with grace
— people have an immense capacity to surprise you, for the better and for the worse
— expand your circle of friends and do a better job of cultivating existing friendships
— open up your world

Prayer to the Universe:

If there are any further lessons to be learned from the mouse, please give me the courage and strength to absorb them in a meaningful way. Give me joy. Give me grace. Be with me as I walk this path. Be with me as my fears dissipate, as I learn to hold true love, true financial prosperity, professional success beyond my wildest dreams. I am willful. I am strong. I will weather this and conquer it. I will not be stopped. It is my time. Thy will be done.

And so it is.