Wow. Finished The Stranger and found it to be so fascinating. I was particularly moved by a scene in which a magistrate talks to the main character in jail. He tries to get him to turn to God as he faces his murder trial.

But he cut me off and urged me one last time, drawing himself up to his full height and asking me if I believed in God. I said no. He sat down indignantly. He said it was impossible; all men believed in God, even those who turn their backs on him. That was his belief, and if he were ever to doubt it, his life would become meaningless. “Do you want my life to be meaningless?” he shouted. As far as I could see, it didn’t have anything to do with me, and I told him so.

I love this passage for what it conveys, for its timelessness, for how it shines a spotlight on the fine line between faith and desperation to believe in something. So real. So bracing.

Such a great read.