I’m watching Lance Armstrong on Larry King Live and wondering why we can’t just leave champions alone. God, how I despise when people feel the need to taint triumph.

What frustrates me more is the media’s role in this little “scandal.” So often I defend the media, having worked in it for years, but what is this? Investigative journalism? Dredging up information from 1999? To what end?

As for the role of the French, look, I was the first one to say the whole Freedom Fries thing was for jackasses. I don’t paint the whole country with a broad brush. I can’t wait to visit there sometime soon. But, geez, the French media needs to grow up and get over it. An American won their freakin’ race seven years in a row. Shit happens.

It blows my mind that after battling cancer and pedaling his heart out on winding roads in high altitudes, Lance Armstrong has to deal with this.

Come on, people. Be happy.