I am heartened and overwhelmed by the responses to my recently published article about my spiritual journey on www.beliefnet.com. A sampling:

From California: Your article was very illuminating as your journey to find spiritual fullfillment has given me more incentive to do the same … I wish that you were in our area … If you are out here, please let me know. I would also be interested in any books you have read that have enlightened you. Finally, I hope to hear from you as through your article, I feel more confident in searching for the God that lives with us, in us and calls us by name.

From Texas: I just read your article on beliefnet and felt that you have found what I have been looking for … I am very much interested in starting a “church” such as th one you describe in your article and I definitely would like to receive your life coaching newsletter.

From Tennessee: God speed with your spiritual walk.

From ?????: I wanted to say that I felt as though I wrote parts of this article as it described exactly the situation I was going through.

From Oregon: I enjoyed and identified with Nancy Colasurdo’s story and appreciate that Beliefnet included it. I hope I can find a New Thought group in my area. Being raised very conservative baptist, by very strict, harsh parents, it seems like the first half of my life was spent finding out what I don’t believe. Now I am free to find out what I do believe. New Thought sounds like a good place to explore. Thanks to Nancy and Beliefnet for sharing.

From ?????: This wonderful article speaks to me of others on the same path as I, making similar stops along the way, reaching similar conclusions. The joy for me is finding I am not alone in the place my journey takes me. I have been hunting for a community of folks that feel this way in my city, and haven’t found them yet.

From ?????: I am amazed at similarity of this story and the journey I am on. I was born anglican and confirmed and never went to church again for 35 years, spiritually dead. 35 years later I have found a minister similar to what I read here, a church full of giving, non judgemental people, a minister preaching light and love, openness for gays, women as priests, giving to the poor and hurting. I go in tired and come out refreshed and peaceful.

From ?????: What a fascinating article! Now I better understand what the term Spiritual means, and it also pinpoints problems in the Christian churches that should be addressed. If there are churches are focusing on guilt, judging, and suffering, they are missing the mark and not serving the people.

From ?????: Nice read made me smile!

From ?????: What a wonderful article.

From Toronto: I really love hearing about another’s journey. What makes this stroy so wonderful is that it isn’t too different than mine.

From Alabama: As a member of a New Thought church, I was happily amazed that this made the headlines of Bnet.

What more can I add?

And so it is.