I bought the 800-page September issue of Vogue to check out the fall fashions. It was a bonus to read the article and see the great photos of cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker.

The story tells of Parker’s post-Sex and the City life. Yes, she has acting projects, but what really has her jazzed is the fragrance she created. It’s a dream of hers coming true. It seems she’s been creating her own scent for years and now has undergone the process with a team of experts. Plus, picking the dress she’d wear in the ads was another whole process (they decided on a pink de la Renta).

I love when people succeed at something and then find another dream to conquer. They keep moving, like sharks in the water. One thing, then the next. What a treat to read.

And the surrounding pages are nothing to sneeze at. The latest Pucci coat. Or Tiffany bracelets shown with jeans, a crisp white shirt and a blue sash belt tied in a bow. Or … drumroll, please … the show-stopping brown croc boots (Dior by John Galliano) on the last page. Oh my God. Nearly flat. Knee-high. Sleek. They’re a work of art. Drool-worthy.

All kinds of dreams in this book.