I love to help writers and would-be writers. It seems I am reminded of that in droves lately.

— One of my current life coaching clients is hoping to make a living as a writer after 20-plus years in another career.

— A former client, well on her way to a completed novel, wants some “check-in” sessions in the fall.

— A relative has been asking for guidance on how to get a career in writing started.

— A former client just sent me an email about a book her young daughter is writing “just for fun” and wants to know if it has a shot at being published.

— I attended a retirement party for a former boss last weekend and a young woman I used to work with — currently in a new career — told me she’s still writing and it’s largely because of me.

All of this gets me thinking about how much I love combining my two passions — writing and life coaching. It’s an incredible rush when they intersect. And while I have been formally coaching for over three years, I was reminded at the retirement party that I have truly been coaching for a long time. It’s all very rewarding.

In another conversation at the party last weekend, I met a young woman who had the same journalism professor I did. She was telling me he is retiring soon. Then she asked if I knew he uses some of my articles to teach journalism. That just knocked me out.

Writing, writing, writing. I’m being hit over the head. I’ve been finding feathers at my feet at least once a day.

Write, Nancy, write.