I’m feeling a force working.

Yesterday I had lunch with Mike. He was in my Artist’s Way class about three years ago. He really, really wanted to take a trip to Africa. It was his dream. Well, he emailed me a few weeks ago to ask about having lunch. He had just returned from over a year in Africa. He saw so much, did so much.

As we downed hamburgers, he told me that it was my class that really persuaded him to take the trip. “I was on the edge of the cliff; you gave me the push I needed to just do it,” he said with a laugh. “Remember that collage we did? You looked at it and said, ‘Mike, there’s nothing about New York in this collage. You need to go.’ I’ll never forget it.”


Tonight I had dinner with Mary, a former life coaching client and now a friend. I told her that I’m in a transitional period and wondering if I’m handling things correctly and feeling hypocritical about coaching others. I just started working fulltime in a job that has little to do with coaching or writing. Am I derailing myself from my life goals?

Mary reminded me how different her life is since working with me as her coach. She reminded me that I didn’t seek out this job; I went to bring a friend lunch and emerged two hours later with a job. She reminded me that I’m being open to possibility, to a company that has enrolled me in a real estate class at NYU. What could be wrong about that?


Take a deep breath, Nancy. Chill out. Your philosophy is bold and smart. Stay the course. Yes.

There is purpose to it. Maybe the passion will follow.