Scene: Reception area of Manhattan office. Switchboard rings.

Caller: Hello. May I speak to Joan?

Receptionist: May I ask who’s calling please?

Caller: Mr. Jones.

Receptionist: And what is this in reference to?

Caller: Just tell her Mr. Jones.

Receptionist: Can I tell her what this is in reference to?

Caller: Why do you need to know?

Receptionist (in her fantasy): I don’t, blowhard. I could not care less.

Receptionist (in reality): I would like to tell her who’s calling.

Caller (screaming): I just told you!!! Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones is calling.

Receptionist (in her fantasy): What the hell is your problem?

Receptionist (in reality): Silent

Caller (screaming): Are you gonna talk to me? What is wrong with you?

Receptionist (in her fantasy): Get a life. Get a grip. Get an ounce of decorum, you miserable loser.

Receptionist (in reality): I’m here. Hold on, please, and I’ll see if Joan is free.

Joan is in a meeting and says she’ll call Mr. Jones back later.

Receptionist (in her fantasy): Ha. She’s not free. She doesn’t want to talk to your sorry self.

Receptionist (in reality): Mr. Jones, she says she’ll get back to you later.

Caller: Click

Ring, ring …