Today marks one year that I have been writing my blog. I can hardly believe it. I distinctly recall being very nervous about starting it, wondering if I’d have enough to say to keep it going day in and day out. When I finally took the step of creating it and naming it, I was so excited I immediately wrote a friend to share my news. It was like putting out a birth announcement.

Well, my “baby” is one. I am so proud. I have mostly stuck to daily writing. I have done my best not to self-edit. I try to keep it real and keep it thoughtful. I write for me because if I’m not writing I’m simply not happy. I like to find meaning in the mundane, take lessons from pain, express unfettered joy, ask little questions that as it turns out really aren’t so little.

There are readers from all over the country and the world who come to my blog. Some find their way through Google searches, others my website, still others by surfing blogs. Some stick around, some keep moving. I like that. It all goes back to that connectedness I spoke of in yesterday’s post.

This is a body of work. It’s me thinking out loud. It’s an outlet, a forum, a home.

Many happy returns, dear blog, many happy returns …