Greetings All –

One of the best things about my October is that a favorite life coaching client of mine has returned for a “power” month — four weekly sessions. She’s writing her first book and her enthusiasm for her project is contagious and inspiring. The accountability helps her stay on track.

Couldn’t you use a dose of that this fall? Think of what you can achieve by the end of the year. Contact me for a consultation.

Adverse Condition

I’ve been fascinated lately with what people do in the face of adversity. There was an item in the New York Post’s Page Six column the other day about Renee Zellweger. It seems she stopped by the newspaper to talk to the columnists about an item they’d written about her that wasn’t true. They then printed the real story as told by her, playing it prominently.

That struck me as a classy, measured response and showed a great deal of emotional intelligence on Zellweger’s part. Here’s what she could have done instead — complained to no one in particular; sued; ranted; pouted; nothing. This way, she didn’t play victim. She didn’t act out. She didn’t pull a primadonna act with an entourage. She showed up in shorts and sneakers and no makeup. She had a conversation, one person to another. And what a positive resolution!

Sometimes we are so in the thick of our own adverse situations that we can’t see how simple a solution can be. If you’re embroiled in something difficult, try to take a step back. Ask yourself what your options are, preferably at a time when you can put emotion aside. If the emotions are just too strong for clear thinking, give them a healthy outlet — walking, writing, painting, Tai Chi. Avoid the unhealthy ones — binging on food and/or alcohol, impulse shopping.

Once you let the feelings wash over you — be they sadness, pain, loss — you will emerge stronger and clearer than ever. Seize that time to let the “simple” solution bubble to the surface. There’s beauty in doing the right thing, and satisfaction too. Adversity, ultimately, can be your friend if you let it.

Just ask Zellweger.